Argyle Park Painting Woes

The painting I am working on right now is driving me insane.

It’s Argyle Park in Babylon, New York, a place that I have always loved. I’ve never really done much with landscapes because I just have never been called to that challenge, unlike a portrait, it’s not trying to do the impossible. There are no eyes or expression to get lost in,  no soul to capture, just some trees,water, sky, and flowers and stuff. At least that is what I used to think!

Painting detail.

This has been a nightmare of insecurities for me. I have reworked this piece about a million and a half times and it just never feels finished to me. Usually I know a painting is done. I can just feel it. Its as if the hunger for it has been fed and I can relax for a little while. This painting gives me no relief. It just never ends, and its driving me crazy.

I can’t figure out what is wrong with it, or why, but I am in an obsessive loop of corrections with it.

I like bits and pieces of it at a time and then feel like I finally can relax, but then I walk away and come back and I cringe when I see it – not a good sign. I don’t know what to do with it.

I don’t think it is done, but I think I am done. I need a break and maybe after I get away from it for a while I will be able to see where I am going wrong and correct it. For now, this is the only place I am posting it.

Painting detail

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