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    Holiday Candy Hacks

    Creative Holiday Candy hack! Catch the after Christmas sales for red and green mixed chocolates like M&M’s and Hershey Kisses.Sort the candies by color and store them away (so you won’t be tempted to eat them!).Now you have both Valentine’s Day AND St. Patrick’s day covered! You are covering two holidays at once, and your holiday chocolate needs through mid-March while getting deep discounts from after Christmas Sales. ‘True Love Kisses’ and red M&M’s for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. ‘Kiss-Me-I’m-Irish Kisses’ and green M&M’s for the leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day.

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    Valentines Day Pancakes

    What better way to start your Valentine’s Day than with some pink chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on top and fresh strawberry hearts on the side? We actually made these Valentine’s Day Pancakes – ON Valentines Day!  Trust me, this is a small miracle, as we tend to PLAN a lot of things that never really make it into reality, or make it on their own unique time table, usually after the holiday,  but this time  – voila! Pink Pancakes! I’d be lying if I said that this blog and the need for content and quality pictures wasn’t a HUGE motivator for getting…

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    Strawberry Valentine Hearts – Quick and Easy!

    Are you looking for a last minute idea for a Valentines Day treat?  Well here is an idea that is great for Valentines Day, or any day you want to show your loved ones that you love them.  It gets better – this idea is super quick, easy and healthy! Your strawberries are all just 3 simple slices away from being the perfect Valentines Day breakfast, dessert or healthy snack. Step by Step Guide to creating quick and easy strawberry hearts below. Have you ever seen a sweeter way to serve fresh strawberries? Step 1: Start with a nice fresh…

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    Valentines Day Celebration

      Wow, these winter holidays seem to be one after another with very little time between! We get to enjoy the Valentines decorations until the 14th but then Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year are right after – only days apart on February 17th and 19th! So little time to plan, prepare and decorate! Anyway, back to Valentines Day – the decorations are up and the house is looking a bit like a cupid sanctuary. We went with a white Battenburg lace tablecloth over a red tablecloth, so the red peeks through all the openwork in the lace. There are…