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    Halloween 2015

    This Halloween we wanted to create a spooky haunted forest but still keep it light and playful enough that it was still warm, inviting and not too gloomy.   Some dead tree branches from the yard were perfect for making a huge impact – and the best part is that they cost NOTHING! When you bring lots of natural elements into the decor everything falls into place. Sea shells, leaves, branches, pine cones and any other natural element can cover your decorating schemes for all the seasons and holidays. “Creepy Cloth” is a very loose weave gauze-like fabric that can…

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    Mooning over the October Moon

    There is nothing quite like the October moon. I have many fond memories of going for evening walks (physical training for a trip to Disney World) and as we would reach a certain point on the road we would round the curve and see the October moon, low in the sky, HUGE and gorgeous. The crisp Autumn air would dance with the balmy end-of-summer breezes, creating miniature tornadoes swirling through piles of leaves, making orange red and yellow kaleidoscope patterns in mid air. It’s one of the many sensory delights of the season that remind me that the world is…

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    Is this a phone call from a ghost?

    The audio of this clip has not been edited or manipulated in any way. We received this message on our answering machine on a blustery day in October. We have no idea what it is or who it is from, but it is definitely the creepiest message we have ever gotten — ever. Though there is likely a perfectly reasonable and logical explanation for this message that does not involve ghosts, goblins, Heffalumps or Woozles, it’s October — let’s get our spooky on! Do you know what (if anything) is being said in this recording? Happy Halloween!!

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    Orange Twinkle Lights.

    Orange Twinkle Lights! I love Autumn. I love crisp Autumn days and chilly Autumn nights. With autumn comes shorter days and longer nights and an intense urge to cuddle and hibernate. As the days get shorter I like to brighten up the house with orange twinkle lights to make the house feel cozy and bright. I cannot get enough of that warm glow. It totally changes the feel of the house even with no other decorations. To really get the most out of theses lights, I like to place them around lots of shiny and reflective items like glass and…

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    Decorating for Autumn with Fall Foliage.

    Happy October!! Today is the first day of October, and my Autumn decorating has officially begun. Though the leaves outside have only just barely started showing a hint of color change, inside the house our fall foliage is at its peak! Nothing says Autumn like brightly colored fall leaves. Until I find a way to preserve real fall foliage at its peak color, my collection of silk fall leaves will have to do! Over the years I have collected quite a pile them in the form of leafy garlands, leafy branches and loose leaves. These leaves transform the house into…