Strawberry Valentine Hearts – Quick and Easy!

Are you looking for a last minute idea for a Valentines Day treat? 

Well here is an idea that is great for Valentines Day, or any day you want to show your loved ones that you love them. 

It gets better – this idea is super quick, easy and healthy!

Your strawberries are all just 3 simple slices away from being the perfect Valentines Day breakfast, dessert or healthy snack.

Step by Step Guide to creating quick and easy
strawberry hearts below.

Have you ever seen a sweeter way to serve fresh strawberries?

Step 1: Start with a nice fresh strawberry.
Step 2: You’re going to remove the stem and 
leaves with a “V” cut at the top. 
This is the first diagonal cut.
Step 3: Make the second cut of the “V” the 
same as the first and meeting in the middle.
Step 4: Remove greens along with the wedge shaped cut out.
Step 5: Cut straight down the middle.
Step 6: You’ll now have two perfect little flat backed 
strawberry hearts to put on your plate.


Step 7: Serve them;
 -on a little cloud of whipped cream, or
-a circle around a dollop of Greek yogurt, or
-as a festive garnish, or
Let your heart decide!

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