Leprechaun Clips

Top O’ the Mornin’ to ya on this fine March Day! 

It’s almost St Patrick’s Day so I thought I would share a fun and free St. Patty’s Day activity.

When I was a little girl, I made a paper leprechaun (to the left)in school for St. Patrick’s Day. 

The arms and legs are attached with paper fasteners so that they are movable, and you can make him leap and dance an Irish Jig. 

The only time I have ever used this type of paper fastener was in the construction this leprechaun.

For my entire life I have always called those fasteners “Leprechaun Clips,” and in my mind (and my mind only) these clips are decidedly Irish.

I know this is not reality, but it has always been my reality, so it seems quite fitting that I would create my own St. Patrick’s Day project using those very Irish (in my mind only) ‘Leprechaun clips’!

The original Leprechaun (pictured above) that somehow survived all these years was obviously the inspiration for my leprechaun.

If you’d like to make your very own Leapin’ Leprechaun, all you need for this project are ‘Leprechaun Clips’ (paper fasteners picture to the right) and my free printable below.

Lets all make some new memories of Leprechaun clips!

This Printable is free to use for personal and/or educational use. Commercial and other use is strictly prohibited.

I’d love to see your finished leprechauns! Please feel free to share them in the comments below!


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St Patricks Day – Decorating

A Leprechaun has come through our house and doused it with a healthy dose of green!

This looks a lot like the Valentine’s Day pictures with a photo filter to change the red to green, but I promise it’s not.

In the past, whenever I would try to decorate for St Patrick’s Day, I would have a very hard time getting things to match. 

The look would come out as a sort of “Fifty Shades of Green” — which I can only assume is the story of Christian Green, a kinky leprechaun who grants wishes, but only if your wishes are to be spanked by a kinky leprechaun — so a slightly different story.

Good luck getting that image out of your mind. 

But back to the decorating — we wanted a very bright cheery St Patty’s Day green, but that color can be a bit intense, so we’ve made the green an accent on a mainly white foundation. 

We’ve also got the pots of gold which bring in a nice dark contrasting black and some sparkling gold.

Lots of decorating items being re-used here! Mardi Gras beads and Christmas gold as well as Halloween cauldrons. 

The crown on these beads is reminiscent of the Irish Claddagh (if it had a heart under it) so it still works as a St Patrick’s decoration.

The Battenburg lace has made another appearance, this time with a green tablecloth underneath so the green peeks out of the open-work in the lace.

(secret tip: the green underneath is from the dollar store! Usually those plastic tablecloths look and feel awful, but under the lace it works perfectly to add the color!)

Last year after St.Patty’s Day we caught a 90% off sale and I picked up these awesome St Patty’s necklaces with giant shamrocks and Irish charms. I LOVE after holiday sales!

I knew they would bring some festive bling-bling to each place setting. 

I also scored these gorgeous green glass candy dishes in the exact green I was looking for.

The gold charger plates are back again and feel reminiscent of giant gold coins. 

I mixed in some green plastic plates because they are the perfect color, and when stacked in the white china they are working almost like a second layer of charger plates. 

The only green cloth napkins I had were a deep hunter-type green, so the lovely napkins shown here are actually paper napkins!

The centerpiece is a very real cauldron that I found at Savers. It weighs a TON and was clearly used many times by it’s previous owner. 

I imagined it being used by a witch to boil eye of newt for Halloween, and I knew I had to have it for for my Halloween decor. 

When I realized it could come out again filled with gold coins for St Patrick’s Day too, I was sold!

The buffet is covered in lace with a green tablecloth underneath and you can see the green coming through very subtly. (green plastic tablecloth to the rescue again!)

The lace pattern is small flowers, not shamrocks, but it gives the impression of clover and swirls, and in my decorating fantasies it is shamrocks.

Big green bows with shamrock shaped leprechaun buckles were found at the dollar store and I love them!

That pretty much covers our St Patrick’s Day decorating. 

Now it is on to plan some green baking projects!

Thank you for stopping by!! 

Here’s wishing that you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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St Patricks Day – Potato Soup

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

With an Irish name like Hickey, people kind of expect us to celebrate good ole St. Patty’s Day.

After discovering that the ‘traditional’ St. Patrick’s Day dinner of Corned Beef and Cabbage may NOT even be a traditional Irish dish, we decided to explore the alternatives.

Continue reading “St Patricks Day – Potato Soup”

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Facebookpreview mardigrasdecorating

Mardi Gras Celebration – Decorating

Happy Mardi Gras!

This is our first year celebrating Mardi Gras, so we’ve been doing some research!

Mardi Gras already has its own signature colors of Purple Green and Gold, so the color palette is already set as far as decorating, and each color has a special meaning. 

– Purple for Justice
– Green for Faith 
– Gold for Power.

Purple can be a difficult color to work with. Finding the right shade is quite a task, and it can be nearly impossible to find other items to match!

One way to get around this is to find items made by the same company, or from the same line, so that they least match each other. 

We made sure to do this with our tablecloth and napkins. Having that one consistent base to work with really helped pull the look together.

Our decorating goal for the dining room is to design the buffet and the table so they look like they are meant to be together. We want them to compliment one another instead of competing for the spotlight.

Here we have the buffet covered in a purple tablecloth, and the dining table is covered in a gold tablecloth with purple napkins placed diagonally as place mats to give the table a harlequin pattern. 

It brings the exact same color from the buffet to the table so they stay harmonious without weighing down the entire room with two dark purple table cloths.

We went with the literal metallic gold as opposed to introducing yellow accents. We did this mainly in the form of gold charger plates, gold platters, gold flatware, gold tablecloth, and an assortment of gold beads and baubles to simulate over-sized Mardi Gras beads (mostly Christmas decorations…sshhh!! don’t tell anyone!!)

Once again the dollar store saves the day with lots of awesome inexpensive bead necklaces to drape from every available surface. 

They had lots of other cute items as well, such as our cute little masquerade masks.

We’ve even wrapped beads around the napkins instead of napkin rings so guests can join in on the fun and wear them if they’d like.

We’ve draped beads from the candlesticks and on the pedestal in the centerpiece.

With the decorating complete, we can focus on our Mardi Gras feast!

The plan as of now is to make Monte Cristo Sandwiches — probably using a copycat recipe of the recipe used in The Blue Bayou Restaurant in New Orleans Square in Disneyland. 

We’re also planning to make King Cake for the very first time — or a modified version of king cake, just as long as it has the traditional colored sugar.

UPDATE: We made  the King Cake and the Monte Cristo sandwiches, read more about it here;

Check out our King Cake HERE!
Check out our Fat Tuesday Monte Cristo HERE!

I made the colored the sugar for the King Cake myself for the very first time — so fun and easy I should blog about it! — except the whole blog would be;

1 – put some sugar in a ziplock bag
2 – add a few drops of food coloring
3 – shake-a, shake-a, shake-a
4 – the end

Maybe if we are lucky we’ll be able to score some Packzki this year. Though it’s not traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras fare, it is a traditional Fat Tuesday food.

I’ll update this post with how it all turned out! Until next time, Happy Mardi Gras y’all!

Check out our adventures in making a King Cake HERE!
Check out our Fat Tuesday Monte Cristo HERE!

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