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St Patricks Day – Potato Soup

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

With an Irish name like Hickey, people kind of expect us to celebrate good ole St. Patty’s Day.

After discovering that the ‘traditional’ St. Patrick’s Day dinner of Corned Beef and Cabbage may NOT even be a traditional Irish dish, we decided to explore the alternatives.

Adding a few drops of green food coloring to almost any food is always a fun option, but we wanted something a bit more Irish, and a bit less likely to give us green smiles.

The idea of a hearty potato soup came to mind on a very cold day in February so we did a trial run and it seemed to be the perfect St. Patrick’s Day meal.

In case you are wondering, no, we did not spend hours in a clover patch counting leaves and hoping to find not one, but several four-leaf clovers! 

Those ADORABLE little shamrocks that so festively garnish our potato soup are actually baby spinach leaves that were made that shape with a decorative paper punch! I LOVE it!! I found this idea on Pinterest, here.(I’m already trying to think of other leaves I can punch and other foods I can garnish with these!) There is a link to the exact paper punch I used below.

The soup is Bear Creek Creamy Potato Soup, and if you have not ever tried it, please do! It is so yummy! 

It’s creamy and hearty and is just perfectly seasoned right out of the package. So easy to make too!

We served it with fresh baked warm biscuits. Yum!
Scattering chocolate gold coins around the table and place settings makes it look like a leprechaun could pop out and grant a few wishes or dance an Irish jig at any moment! 

pssst… do the gold coins look familiar? They are back from Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Chinese New Year! I love when decorations can cover more than one holiday!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll visit again soon! 

Keep an eye out for new articles. I’ll be giving a little tour of our St. Patrick’s decorations this year as well as trying a few recipes and baking ideas.

Wishing you happiness and good luck this St. Patrick’s Day!


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