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Peppermint Eggnog — Candy Crushing it for Christmas

It’s officially the Christmas Season — time for fun and festive food and drink. 

I don’t know about you, but I am just too busy to go out gathering eggs and nogs to make eggnog from scratch. We buy a jug of it at the supermarket  — but just because it isn’t home-made doesn’t mean it can’t look and taste like it is!

We topped it with a swirl of whipped cream and a bit of crushed candy cane — then tossed in a whole candy cane as a festive swirly stick. 

It’s not all about looks though, ( It’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble ) we want it to taste great too! Adding a candy cane really adds a pop of peppermint that tastes, smells and looks like Christmastime. 

This same whipped cream and candy cane treatment is amaze-balls on hot coco as well. Go the extra step of adding some peppermint schnapps if you really want to be full of the holiday spirit — and spirits.

If you are wondering how one might go about crushing the candy cane, I am sure there are lots of ways to do this — none of which involve playing the insidiously addictive Facebook game Candy Crush

We used a mortar and pestle. It worked well and made me feel like I was concocting a magical holiday potion — maybe one that cures mistle-toe in elves.

I am sure a hammer and a ziplock bag would work just as well though in a pinch (for crushing candy canes — not treating elves with mistle-toe. That would be cruel).

Now when a candy cane breaks as I pull it out of the box I don’t feel so bad  — all the more for beverage garnish!

UPDATE! Some of you have written in sharing that you are crushing your candy canes in a food processor set to ‘pulverize.’ What a great idea, especially if you are making a lot of it for a holiday party! Thank you all for sharing your tips!

UPDATE AGAIN!: Some of you have asked where I got these gorgeous clear glass pedestal mugs. If you’d like some of these mugs to grace your holiday table, or a lovely mortar and pestle similar to the ones pictured above, I found some on Amazon. Links added below. Enjoy!

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