Magically Delicious: Lucky Charms — Living in the Moment

If I shocked you when I said that I had never tasted classic Halloween cereals like Boo Berries,  Frankenberries and Count Chocula, then you’d better sit down.

This year is also the first time I have ever tasted Lucky Charms.

My only explanation for this lack of holiday themed cereal in my childhood would be that I was a Cookie Crisp girl, and my love of cookies surpassed even my love of holidays! *gasp*

For anyone with an acute fear of leprechauns, marshmallows, or all things magically delicious, look away now.

My inner child and I finally tried Lucky Charms this year and of course I took some pictures — because that’s how I roll these days.

It may seem odd, but sometimes looking at life through the camera lens forces me to see things from a fresh perspective. I am forcing myself to focus  — quite literally with the camera and my mind on the beauty, and appreciate it. 

The fact that I can never go back and take the exact same photo is a reminder to live in the moment and appreciate it, because I’ll never get THAT moment back again to do over.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I’ll leave you with these pictures of Lucky Charms cereal. 

I never knew I could find such joy and peace from something as simple as a photograph of cereal.

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