I Don’t Like Delicious!

Illustration by Jennifer Hickey.

Oh hi! Good to see you again! I was just in the middle of posting this new quick painting turned meme that was inspired by a direct quote from my grandma who was having a grumpy day.

This phrase may or may not have been uttered during a conversation about apples.

However, outside of it’s original context, this sentence is grumpilicious. It’s a great way to snap yourself out of a negative mood.


When feeling the overwhelming and uncontrollable need to list everything that is wrong in your life, and everything that you do not like, please add this phrase (if only to amuse the loved one to whom you are venting your frustrations).

  • Say out-loud in an overly dramatic and exasperatedly grumpy voice for full effect.  
  • Apply liberally 
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Discontinue use and consult a physician if it does not produce a smile within 5 minutes.

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