Dining Room Flooring in Progress Before and After DIY Renovation Project

After 27 years, I think it is safe to say that we got our money’s worth out of our 80’s linoleum floor. I have been mentally removing it for at least a decade now and cropping it out of pictures ever since I started this blog.  

I finally tackled this DIY (Do It Yourself) project armed with only 2 screw drivers, a pry bar, a box cutter/razor and locking pliers. 

Should be easy, right?  Just pop up the old sub-floor and reveal the gorgeous hard wood below. 

As you can see in the first picture at the top, removing that first board was exciting and wildly satisfying, because it meant there would be no turning back! You can’t just cut a 4×4 square out of the dining room floor and change your mind!
So, on with the adventure! Board by board I pried them all up, revealing…well…52 year old hard wood floors with potential…and …..a BILLION staples to remove.

Hours upon hours on the ground with the trusty locking pliers and a bruised opposable thumb that is quite opposed to this abuse, but we are finally pulling into the home stretch of the first step of removing the old floor.

As I write this first post in the series there is only one small board (and the million or so staples holding it in place) left to remove. Not bad for only 2 days of work!

I’ll be posting new pictures and updates as I go, so check back often. I’ll link to the follow-up posts here.

Total spent on this project so far: $0.00

Here is what it looks like now..in progress! 

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