Countdown to Spring!

With my goal of living in the moment and appreciating, celebrating and being thankful every day, a countdown seems a bit out of place. 

It’s like rushing through today to get to tomorrow, and not a very “Enjoy the journey, not the destination” mindset.

However, this cold harsh Winter has me wistfully longing for that sweet, sweet chirping of tree frogs and the sight of the first clusters of Daffodils smiling up at the sun.

I long for a weather forecast that does not include a warning about exactly how many minutes I can be outdoors before my fingers and toes freeze solid and shatter.

So, I’m starting a Countdown to Spring!

With my goal of celebrating and appreciating EVERY day, not just the ones that land on holidays or warm months, I’ll have to find something amazing about each remaining day of Winter.

Today should be easy, because it is Chinese New Year! Pictures and a fresh blog about that are on their way as we speak!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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