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Don’t forget your ABC’s – Always Be Celebrating!

A Kiss at Midnight:A New Year Tablescape.
Check it out here: A Kiss at Midnight: A New Year Tablescape


Winter Wonderland Tablescape 2015
Check it out here: Winter Wonderland Tablescape 2015

Thanksgiving Tablescape: The Splendor of Autumn
Check it out here: Thanksgiving Tablescape: The Splendor of Autumn

Halloween 2015: Halloween Home Tour
Check it out here: Halloween 2015: Halloween Home Tour

Pineapp-O-Lantern: A Tropic’alloween Treat!
Check it out here: Pineapp-O-Lantern: A Tropic’alloween Treat

Star Spangled Seashore Celebration for the 4th of July
Check it out here: Star Spangled Seashore Celebration

Oysters and Pearls – A Seashore Tablescape for Summer

Happy “Bird” Day and Mother’s Day Celebration for Our Evie Bird.
Check it out here: Happy Bird Day and Mother’s Day Celebration

Cinco de Mayo Celebration.
Check it out here: Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Kentucky Derby Soiree
Check it out here:Kentucky Derby Soiree

Kentucky Derby Soiree – Hot Brown Bake

Check it out here: Kentucky Hot Brown Bake Recipe

Kentucky Derby Soiree – Hot Brown Bake

Check it out here: Benedictine Spread Recipe

Kentucky Derby Soiree — Mini Derby Pie
Check it out here: Mini Derby Pie Recipe

Easter Celebration
First Day of Spring Cupcake Party or a St. Patrick’s Day Treat
St. Patrick’s Celebration: Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

St. Patrick’s Celebration: Irish Soda Bread
Check it out here: Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration
Check it out here: St. Patrick’s Celebration – Decorating

Potato Soup for  St. Patrick’s Day!
Chinese New Year Celebration!
Monte Cristo for Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Celebration!
King Cake for Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Celebration!
Mardi Gras Celebration!
Valentine’s Day Celebration!
Groundhog Day Coco Krispy Treats!
Superbowl Party!
Superbowl Party!
New Years Eve…Cheese Ball Drop!
I finally made Pepper Pumpkins and Mashed Boo-tatoes!
I finally made Pepper Pumpkins and Mashed Boo-tatoes!
Our dining room converted into a beach-house theme for the summer.
Our dining room spiced up for a Cinco de Mayo Celebration.
Check it out here: Cinco de Mayo Celebration.
Chinese New Year Celebration.
A trip to China without leaving our home! (Take-out required!)

Easter preparation and celebration!

Easter preparation and celebration!
Easter and Spring table setting.
The back Deck, all decked out for the Fourth of July! I love seeing it through the french doors!
Our dining Room showing it’s patriotic side for Independence day!
Big flouncy bows really transform the chairs!
We had to have a patriotic breakfast in a patriotic dining room like that! Fresh strawberries, blueberries and Greek yogurt..YUM!
I love cupcakes, I love pumpkins, I love Halloween. The contents of this photo could make my head explode. Fun to make, but more fun to EAT!
I love, love, love orange twinkle lights. This ghost helped me hang them from every possible light hanging place in the house!
I’ve never posed a turkey for a photo shoot before, but I am so glad I did it this one time before we gobble gobble gobbled it up!
Christmas morning, chocolate pancakes with whipped cream.
Santa is great, but Peggo gets the credit for these lovelies!
Cocoa Crispy Treats. YUM!
Cream Puffs.
I don’t know, but here they are.
So, everyone has had a nut party, right?
Nuts, served in coconuts.
Almond Milk and the Blu Ray of The Nut Job. – a Nut party.
Movie night!!
Check it out here: A Nut Party for Autumn!
Our Easter Eggies! 
Egg salad sandwiches for……forever!
Tropical Fruit Salad for a tropical party.
Warm glowy, sparkly and pumpkins.

This is the living room from many years ago, decked out for Halloween.
Paying it forward!!

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