A Kentucky Derby Soiree

Kentucky Derby Festivities underway!

Here in the Hickey home, we have never attended the Kentucky Derby, or a Kentucky Derby soiree, but with a little bit of research and creativity we have cobbled together our own little version of the festivities here at home.

My fear was that it would end up looking too much like a Christmas party in May, but I think we actually pulled off a festive Derby look!

The only things we knew would definitely be part of the table design would be lots of plaid, silver, horses and red roses. 

We used some dollar tree finds like mini trophies and toy horses to pull the look together, along with some printable graphics that we designed for the occasion. 

As most celebrations go, there are certain traditional foods and drinks that go hand and hand with the event. 

Though we are not from the South, we have been attempting more Southern celebrations and foods like when we celebrated Mardi Gras and made our own version of King Cake and Monte Cristo

For Kentucky Derby our menu plan includes Benedictine Spread, Kentucky Hot Browns, Derby Pie, and Mint Julep Brownies.

I have been dreaming of making a virgin version of Mint Juleps ever since our Mardi Gras celebration, but have not yet found a make-me-buy-it price on those gorgeous silver beaded mint julep cups.

So far we’ve made and tasted the Benedictine Spread, the Kentucky Hot Brown Bake, and the Mini Derby Pies.

All three are so very yummy and received rave reviews from everyone who joined us for our Kentucky Derby Dinner. 

For more Kentucky Derby check out the links below to other Magical Giggles articles packed full of Kentucky Derby decorating inspiration and winning recipes for yummy treats like Benedictine Spread and Kentucky Hot Browns!

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